Zenni glasses blue light

Zenni glasses blue light

Shop fashionable frames with best in-class lenses for as little as 6.

Zennis blokz blue blocker lenses are blue-light blocking lenses that are designed for all-day wear and protection from blue light.

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  the blokz by zenni (starting at 17 plus frame cost) are virtually clear lenses for all-day, everyday use, designed to protect your vision from the blue light emitted from our digital devices that.

Zenni blue light protection glasses collection is made up of trendy frames with non-corrected lenses treated against blue and which filter the harmful rays of the light emitted by the screens. These glasses give you headache relief, reduce eye strain and dry eyes, or the tingling sensation you feel after a day of working at the computer.

  if youre an avid reader of the zenni blog, youve heard us talk a lot about our blokz blue blocker lenses. Blokz can be added to almost any pair of zenni glasses to help protect your eyes from harmful uv and blue light emitted from digital screens, artificial light and the sun.

Shop fashionable frames with best in-class lenses for as little as 6.

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Zenni glasses blue light

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