Xcom 2 how to climb

Xcom 2 how to climb

  on console, youll want to hit up on the directional pad to move up levels and get a view of a roof. At this point, you can then instruct your soldier to climb onto the roof.

Xcom 2 is a near-endlessly complicated game, full of systems and mechanics that have to be understood and managed if you want to succeed. Of course, with something like this, its usually the small stuff that will trip you up, and lead to you failing a mission, or tossing your mouse on the ground in frustration. One of these seemingly simple things that is nonetheless important to understand.

You have two options mouse a mouse with a scroll wheel will allow you to scroll up and down and change the elevation you want. Keyboard you can use the keyboard buttons (default control scheme) f - toggle elevation up.

In xcom 2, youre a commander telling soldiers what they need to do around the battlefield. Oftentimes, this means youll be sending your squad on rooftops or to second floors.

  hey, so im pretty new and when i try and climb a ladder outside a building, i cant seem to land on the roof the move line press j to jump to the feed.

Your characters will auto climb of you send them somewhere they need to. If you cant send then to a roof there is no access in range or someone is blocking it.

Whenver the evac zone is on a roof top i can never find a way to climb back up there. I see the arrows for the ladders but my soldier only ever wants to climb.

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

First in the series of 101s where we will go over basics, tip, ticks, and a few pointers.

  to zoom in and out (very useful when trying to climb onto roofs), simply scroll your middle mouse wheel.

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Xcom 2 how to climb

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