Willy woo bitcoin prediction

Willy woo bitcoin prediction

The bitcoin forecast by willy woo the bitcoin forecast by willy woo a solid forecast of bitcoins next price move using blockchain data. Willy woo is an industry pioneer of on-chain analysis more than 300,000 investors and traders follow him for his data-rich insights.

Willy woo shared his contradictory forecasts in response to another well-known trader, plan b. The latest has provoked the btc community by his short-term bullish prediction. Woo said that btc has the opportunity of making it to the five-digit zone in 2020.

Popular price analyst willy woo has reevaluated his bitcoin price prediction for the cycle top to at least 200,000 per bitcoin.

  according to willy woo, an on-chain analyst, bitcoin is on track to reach a billion users in the next few years. As per a series of tweets by woo, bitcoin has circa 135 million users, which is the same number of users that the internet had in 1997. However, bitcoin is currently seeing a higher rate of growth than the internet did at that time.

On-chain analyst willy woo said 55,000 is the next landmark for bitcoin as the leading digital asset hits an all-time high of 23,000.

  willy woo, an on-chain bitcoin analyst, writer and investor believes that bitcoin is at the start of its next main bull run that will culminate in a price peak at the end of 2021. 11, woo, the creator of a statistics resource known as woobull produced fresh evidence that bitcoins recent price gains were not at the peak yet, but just the beginning.

Per the report, willy woo while speaking in a podcast reaffirmed the prediction he had made in 2013. At the time, the bitcoin proponent opined that bitcoins market cap will surge to 1 trillion by 2025. It may be worthy to note that his prediction was made at a time when the virtual asset had dumped to 200 before spiking to 20,000 in 2017.

Analyst willy woo believes that bitcoin is heading toward a decoupling from stocks, powered by bitcoins internal adoption. He believes that bitcoins movement in the future will be determined by organic adoption, not external investment. Woo believes that the adoption fundamentals are the single most important factor in bitcoins future.

Im no stranger to tech, i first heard the word bitcoin within my startup. It was 2013 and i was compelled to to buy my first coin 1 btc. By 2014, on the island of bali where a burgeoning bitcoin community was very much alive, i fell down. About charts articles research infographics humour bitcoin markets dataviz altcoins subscribe.

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Willy woo bitcoin prediction

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