Why is iota suspended on binance

Why is iota suspended on binance

-- iota is a scalable, decentralized, feeless, modular, open-source distributed ledger protocol that goes beyond blockchain through its core invention of the blockless tangle.

  because withdraws from iota are not working too great yet, jammed up. When iota is working correctly i am sure binance will let you withdraw.

This is because of the network congestion which is mostly due to delayed transactions and long que in the transaction clearance for that altcoin.

  i tried to withdraw my iota today, october 23, to put onto my light wallet. But the withdrawal functionality for iota is suspended on binance.

This happens when binance occasionally suspend withdrawal of some altcoins, because of network congestion, which is mostly due to delayed transactions and long que in the transaction clearance. Binance block network error can also cause binance exchange to suspend withdrawal for most of the crypto wallets affected.

For security purposes, the withdrawal function may be temporarily suspended for the following reasons the withdrawal function will be suspended for 24 hours after you have changed the password or disable the smsgoogle authentication after logged in.

Hong kong-based cryptocurrency exchange binance has suspended all trading transactions.

Binance is currently upgrading our south african zar fiat channel. As a result, zar deposits and withdrawals will remain suspended for another 45 days. This is a security upgrade focused on protecting our users across our fiat channels internationally.

An announcement on the official binance blog further confirms binances support of the upcoming cardano upgrade as the cause of the halt. All deposits and withdrawal services on ada will be suspended starting 20200220 400 pm (utc). The suspension will not affect trading on the platform during the upgrade, the post concluded.

Binance suspended withdrawals on ethereum temporarily on february 19. The platform claimed it made this decision because of the congestion issues on the network. Ethereum users and other crypto enthusiasts speculated about ulterior motives.

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Why is iota suspended on binance

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Why is iota suspended on binance

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