When does cobinhood go live

When does cobinhood go live

The cobinhood ico is taking place throughout september and october. Ultimately, a cryptocurrency exchange with no fees would be ideal.

Chen earned his masters in electrical engineering at just age 22 after skipping his last year of high school to enter national taiwan university (ntu).

Cobinhood platform will support all mainstream fiat currencies. Some the currencies that will be supported by cobinhood include usd, eur, jpy, krw, cny, hkd, cad, gbp, aud and ntd. Cobinhood will be a multilingual exchange platform with plans to cover 98 of the worlds language.

Cobinhood offers comprehensive fundraising methods that make icos successful. With cobinhoods help, icos have raised 29,400 eth, which is about 64,056,882 usd. Cobinhood are guaranteed five percent of the funds raised during an ico.

When he was 24, he founded 17 live streaming, a leading live streaming platform across asia with more than 5 million daily active users. Before, he was an active open-source contributor and worked in the open-source space for over five years.

Cobinhood is riding on the same concept, and so far, the demand for the cob has been commendable. Simply follow the steps below go to the homepage and click on create account.

  cobinhood the zero-fee trading approach cobinhood is the worlds first zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange. Due to other exchanges competing for the lowest fees in the industry, cobinhood has undercut them all by going straight to zero! As a result, they hope to attract traders to their platform and steal market share from fee-based exchanges.

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When does cobinhood go live

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Here are some of the top projects giving logistics a boost.Commission per sale: 100% on all new sales generated + up to 35% on all subscription renewals.That's because LocalBitcoins is really a network of face-to-face buyers and sellers.

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