What to do with old chuck e cheese tokens

What to do with old chuck e cheese tokens

Customers will be able to turn in their old tokens to be deposited on the new cards, but yours might be worth more than their face value already.

This website is dedicated to the tokens and tickets created for chuck e. Whether you are a collector, a fan of cec and spp, or someone simply trying to identify a token or ticket you have found, this site should contain any information you need.

Released in 1980, but appeared several years prior at other chuck e. Starting in 2016, the tokens were replaced with play passes at many us locations, and are no longer being produced.

It would be simple to exchange a cart containing a token with one of these carts containing a quarter. Just say something about a squeaky wheel or it being hard to steer. 3 people in the parking lot at this grocery often approach each other and exchange a quarter for a cart from individuals.

Cheese token for 20 years or so, and a couple years ago i threw it away. Since theyre still in business ( cheese) , i assume theyre still selling tokens and so are probably easy to collect. I havent been to one since about 1980, when i took my stepson and little brother.

New listing 31 vintage tokens mixed lot arcade brass chuck e cheese no cash value coins. Very rare 1979 huntington beach wide date chuck e cheese token. Lot of 12 chuck e cheese tokens from 2002-2010, 1 plastic cup.

While we were waiting for low tide, my wife took the xlt and was checking around a boardwalk at the beach. When she got this signal she thought it was going to be an aluminum can because it read 1. She went ahead and dug it anyway thinking that it was unusual for buried cans to be this close to the boardwalk.

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What to do with old chuck e cheese tokens

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