What is twin trading in forex

What is twin trading in forex

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  twin trading forex definition the twin trading risks minimization technique is based on opening n number of trades each 1n size.

Twin trading is when you place two identical trades and as soon as they go 10 to 15 pips in profit you set your stop loss above your entry price to catch them 30-50 pips and close in case it drop back down.

  what is twin-trading? Twin-trading is the technique of opening double trades of a single lot size or sharing a single lot size into x-number of trades of the same type.

Profit reliability depends on the trade you make, not how many trades you make of the same trade and not how many lots you do for each of those trades. Twin trading is no different than doing a single trade with partial closes along the way, which is a lot more manageable imo. If you dont have a good entry nothing will help you to make a profit.

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What is twin trading in forex

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