Westpac premier advantage

Westpac premier advantage

Will apply the premier advantage package discount to any already discounted premium. If you take out a premier advantage package after westpac general insurance limited has issued you with a home and contents insurance policy then the package benefit will only be applied at your next renewal.

Once youve selected the home loan that works for you and youve set up your westpac choice account, take advantage of the premier advantage package to enjoy real savings. Discount off the applicable variable rate on your new rocket repay home loan when your new loan or your packaged home loan borrowings including your new loan total 150,000 or more.

Personalised service with choice and flexibility to help you manage and grow your money. Westpac premier offers everyday help for you and your family. Whether you are an individual or family earning high income, or a professional looking to grow and protect your wealth, were here to help. Your relationship manager your relationship manager will provide.

  the westpac premier advantage package offers you discounts and waived fees when you package your variable rate home loan together with other financial products.

The westpac premier advantage package combines several of the westpac financial products into a single unit, which eliminates multiple annual fees and replaces them with on 395 annual fee. The premier advantage package allows you to choose home loans from westpacs stable of fixed rate, equity access, and low doc loans.

As australias first bank, westpac has been serving customers since 1817. George to create australias largest financial services company, and customers can enjoy from peace of mind from having the security offered by a major bank behind them.

  a step by step guide on how the westpac premier advantage package can deliver great results for your clients.

The advantage of a fixed rate is that you know exactly how much your repayments will be for the duration of the fixed term. There are some disadvantages to fixing that you need to be aware of.

Premier advantage package conditions of use and 395 annual package fee applies. You must either hold or be approved for a westpac choice transaction account in order to qualify and continue to receive the benefits of the premier advantage package. Applicants must have a westpac choice transaction account linked to the home loan at the time of settlement and must keep this account open for 60 days after settlement.

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Westpac premier advantage

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