Walleye capital aum

Walleye capital aum

Walleye has a proven track record of being thoughtful and sophisticated capital providers for both internal managers and external managed account relationships. The firm is always looking for talented pms and fund managers across a wide array of strategies, including volatility, equity longshort, quant, event driven, fixed income, and macro.

Walleye capital is a hedge fund with 9 clients and discretionary assets under management (aum) of 2,750,307,686 (form adv from ). Their last reported 13f filing for q4 2020 included 1,496,862,000 in managed 13f securities and a top 10 holdings concentration of 38.

Firm details for walleye capital llc, location minnesota, aum 2750307686. 00, last form adv filed 27-july-2020, officers kessler, irvin, robert, moeller, james.

Walleye capital 13f annual report walleye capital is an investment fund managing more than 329 million ran by adil elamri. The largest investments include logmein and medallia, together worth 12. 329 million assets under management (aum) as of 7th october 2020, walleye capitals top.

Walleye capital 2800 niagara lane north plymouth mn 55447 phone. Wta form adv part 2a (26 jul 20) fund structure aum fund type walleye capital llc 2. 49m hedge fund master sea hawk multi-strategy fund lp feeder sea hawk multi-strategy fund ltd.

Public filings of walleye manager opportunites llc raised by walleye capital llc located in ,. Walleye manager opportunites llc - fund information and directors. Search list of funds boston firms boston hedge funds cornell alumni firms calpers portfolio nyscrf portfolio md srps portfolio user guide regulatory aum.

Public filings of walleye opportunities master fund ltd raised by walleye capital llc located in ,.

Ownership team - last updated name title start date directindirect ownership private funds. Name country fund identification number fund type gross asset value minimum investment other sea hawk multi-strategy master fund ltd.

Walleye trading advisors llc (walleye trading ) was formed in 2005 by industry veterans as an adviser to private funds and trading entities.

Public filings of walleye investments fund llc raised by located in wayzata, minnesota. Walleye investments fund llc - fund information and directors. Search list of funds boston firms boston hedge funds cornell alumni firms calpers portfolio nyscrf portfolio md srps portfolio user guide regulatory aum vs aum lp.

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Walleye capital aum

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