Verizon trade in appraisal

Verizon trade in appraisal

To find out your old devices trade-in value, start by appraising your device on verizons device appraisal questionnaire. By answering a few simple questions, you can quickly find out what its worth.

You can trade in a device with us even if youre not one of our customers and receive a verizon wireless gift card. Select the manufacturer, model, color, size, and carrier for the device you want to trade in. Answer the questions about the condition of the device, so we can properly appraise it.

Verizon trade-in trading in your device is easier than ever.

If you turn in your device at a verizon store, you can get an instant appraisal and a credit while you wait.

If youre choosing to trade in your device, start by filling out verizons device appraisal questionnaire. Youll be led through a series of questions and prompts that will be used to estimate your devices trade-in value, such as the model, its color, how much storage it has and what network you use.

The biggest trade in scams for verizon wireless have to do with the amount. You are given an appraisal when you agree to trade in your device but it is just that an appraisal. Verizon wireless reserves the right to change that once they receive the phone and verify its current condition.

  issue i switched carriers so i can utilize the 700 promotion for trade-in and porting in. In the process i also submitted, and mailed my phone in (mind you it was in very mint condition, and qualified for the full 700). A month later i get the appraisal letter it was only worth 143 and it was applied to my next bill.

When i go to the trade in program i do not see my old device (as a drop down box selection) to choose for appraisal.

Kaseyragan, its important to us that we take a closer look at why the phon is not appearing for you and i would be happy to help. I have included the link for our trade in program here cell phone trade in - recycle old devices verizon wireless for you to attempt the appraisal once more.

Shop online or through the my verizon app and get your orders fast. In-store or curbside pickup orders must be placed before 5 pm, mon sat, and sun before 2 pm (excluding holidays) for same day pickup.

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Verizon trade in appraisal

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Verizon trade in appraisal
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