Veracrypt vs bitlocker

Veracrypt vs bitlocker

Veracrypt supports more encryption methods and types than bitlocker does, stronger keys, a better encryption and decryption method (cbc vs xts, although neither are perfect), and of course, is open.

In the question what are the best file encryption tools? Veracrypt is ranked 2nd while bitlocker is ranked 18th. The most important reason people chose veracrypt is this project is free and users are encouraged to donate something to keep the project going.

  bitlocker has more excellent recovery options than truecrypt and veracrypt do. Bitlocker allows you to back up the recovery key or password on several devices and it is even possible to store in active directory.

  then after creating a vhd, use the following tutorial to encrypt it with bitlocker. Bitlocker tutorial here bitlocker - turn on or off for removable data drives in windows 10 - windows 10 forums to mount it, you double click on the vhd file.

  bitlocker creation was never intended to be a concrete safety vault while veracrypttruecrypt was meant to be designed to really secure every aspect.

I am using bitlocker (thinkpad x230t, wd blue 3d nand 1tb, win10) and really enjoy the performance. I would really love to switch to veracrypt for a) security reasons b) hidden os when traveling. However, i was hurt in the past with sub-optimal (subjective) performance.

  next i want to encrypt the disks so that in case laptop is stolen my data cannot be accessed at all. Presently i am using veracrypt containers for specific data but i want to protect all of it with the new laptop.

With secureboot, before your computer boots to windows it verifies the os hasnt been corrupted with a bootkit. 3rd party encryption tools (veracrypt, pgp) break this chain of trust that flows from uefi to windows bootloader to bitlocker. This chain of trust is critical for preventing an entire category of attack against windows.

Bitlocker both tools are quite similar and the truth is you can use them combined to achieve the maximum efficiency. The biggest difference between them is actually who can use them.

The advantage of truecrypt is that it is relatively safe by default, bitlocker is only safe after careful configuration. The disadvantage of truecrypt is vulnerability to keyloggers you should consider using keepass with secure desktop. If you are running an embassy or a personal intelligence agency, limit yourself to known source code.

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Veracrypt vs bitlocker

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