Urban forex market profile indicator

Urban forex market profile indicator

  navin is the founder and ceo of urban forex, a leader in teaching how to trade the market using price action, in an easy and entertaining way. 000 students following his webinars worldwide, navin, with his unique way of teaching, found how to explain trading so anybody can become a professional trader.

Here are simple step that you need to follow for attach market profit indicator into mt4 or mt5.

The indicator uses for its calculation the most accurate tick data - every single move of a market. Based on this, the market profile indicator creates the histogram. The histogram simply shows at what price levels and zones heavy trading activity and price action is happening. Thanks to this indicator, you will always immediately know the most important price levels and zones for future price moves in any market.

Market profile metatrader indicator is a classic market profile implementation that can show the price density over time, outlining the most important price levels, value area and control value of the daily trading session. This indicator can be attached to m5, m15 and m30 charts and will show the market profile for the daily sessions.

Daily it plots mp day per day, for the number of days parameter i use this with a 30 min chart. Manual you must write in a file filename the start day and hour of the mp, as the sample files in eurusdh4. If file name is empty the filename is assumed tickertimeframe.

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Urban forex market profile indicator

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Urban forex market profile indicator

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