Unicurses for python

Unicurses for python

X that provides a unified set of curses functions on all platforms (ms windows, linux, and mac os x) with syntax close to that of the original ncurses.

X that provides a unified set of curses functions on all platforms (ms windows, linux, and mac os x) with syntax close to that of the original ncurses. To provide the curses functionality on microsoft windows systems it wraps pdcurses.

X that provides a unified set of curses functions on all platforms (ms windows, linux, and mac os x) with unicurses for python - browse unicurses-1.

Official site of unicurses for python unicurses is a unified curseswrapper for python2. X that provides consistent curses functionality on all operating systems including microsoft windows (by wrapping pdcurses), linux and mac os x (by wrapping the original curses module).

X that provides a unified set of curses functions on all platforms (ms windows, linux, and mac os x) with syntax close to that of the original ncurses. To provide the curses functionality on microsoft windows systems it wraps pdcurses.

  the windows version of python doesnt include the curses module. You could also try the console module written by fredrik lundh, which doesnt use the same api as curses but provides cursor-addressable text output and full support for mouse and keyboard input.

!usrbinpython import abc if using a code block of tildes or backticks, you can also specify the language on the first divider line html a hrefmy codea.

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Unicurses for python

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