Twitter price history

Twitter price history

  discover historical prices for twtr stock on yahoo finance. View daily, weekly or monthly format back to when twitter, inc.

Twitter inc (nyse twtr) shares are trading higher monday morning after truist securities upgraded the stock from hold to buy and raised the price target from 64 to 74 per share.

  twitter price history chart take a glance at the twitter price history chart since 2013, from ipo through to the 2020 share price boom and beyond and find out a number of the elemental drivers that impacted the stocks movements. A brief history of twitter but first, lets run through a quick history of twitter and the way we came.

By the end of its first trading session twitter stock price had rallied 73 to 44. 90, bringing twitters market value to near 31 billion three times its 10.

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Twitter price history

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