Trading 212 pending orders

Trading 212 pending orders

They are a great tool for making deals without being constantly attached to your screen. You can use them either to enter a position or close one, at whatever price you set. Our platform will execute the order once the desired price has been reached by the traded instrument.

While these scenarios are rare when they occur the market will be halted for price volatility and your order will remain pending.

Some pending orders such as - stop loss, take profit and trailing stop might be guaranteed only during market hours, as others may be executed at a different price if the market opens with a gap. When the market is volatile or illiquid, orders such as limitstop and oco are not guaranteed and they might be executed at a price different than the one you have specified in your order.

I had to go through approx 13 until i hit upon the stock in question. Maybe better if 212 had it showing in the history as a pending order.

I placed a sell order and the pending mark above came through so i couldnt cancel it and it went through itself later.

When things get so unusal like the oil pricemovments are at present there are things happening behind the scences we as ordinary investors know nothing about.

Market volatility can influence the price at which your orders execute. To trade at a specific price, consider instead using a limit order. The number of shares you would like to buy at the current price.

Not that its stuck on pending, its stuck on processing a pending order. The community subreddit for the discussion of trading 212 investment and trading platform. Experienced and beginners to trading and investing are welcome!

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Trading 212 pending orders

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