Tick data suite vs tickstory

Tick data suite vs tickstory

  tds then enhances your capabilities by allowing you to back-test with variable spreads and slippage (more features are mentioned here httptickstory. To further differentiate, tickstory is being developed as a all-in-one data management tool, so we are working towards providing various other updates to enhance the way you acquire (eg.).

  tickstory supports both mt4 export directly and csv2fxt (via the file export method), so yes, you can still use your custom script. As for the launcher, generally speaking it sounds like tickstory will do what you need if you are content with fixed spread back-tests.

Export to mt4 and back-testing support are misleading as they seem to be meaning the same thing. If i read export to mt4 i expect that once exported to it i will be able to use it.

Tickstory vs tick data suite has anyone paid for the premium products with either of these companies? If tickstory did you opt in for the optional monthly support fee.

Has anyone paid for the premium products with either of these companies? If tickstory did you opt in for the optional monthly support fee? Thanks in advance just trying to nail down that 99 modeling quality.

Use a 3rd party application to obtain free high quality tick data and the tool that you can use to test. I have used both of them for several years, but today, i can definitely only recommend tickdatasuite.

The tick data suite allows using the actual, variable spread that is recorded in the tick data.

  may i know if there is a marked difference on efficiency when performing backtesting with tick data and tick story. I am currently using tds and so far, i learnt that tds is better than tickstory becos of 1) storage size. 3) support variable spread and slippage! Mt5 strategy tester spread.

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Tick data suite vs tickstory

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