Telus fiber optic internet plans

Telus fiber optic internet plans

Telus is the only major provider in western canada with a 100 fibre optic connection to the home.

Telus & koodo mobility customers save an extra 10mo when you add internet.

Get telus purefibre gigabit internet on the fastest internet technology for only 99month. With upload speeds more than 9x faster than the competition, our gigabit internet will provide you with quality video calls when they matter most.

As we continue to expand the telus purefibre network, new communities are getting fibre to the home every day.

Telus provides download speeds up to 1,500 mbps and upload speeds up to 940 mbps. Count on our 100 fibre optic internet right to your door, delivering western canadas top speeds and most reliable connection. Gather the household together on the couch and binge watch away.

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Telus fiber optic internet plans

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Telus fiber optic internet plans

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