Taco bueno weight watchers points

Taco bueno weight watchers points

Here you will find the weight watchers points as well as taco bueno nutrition information. If you are a member or not, you can lose weight while eating out with this information. These include the new smartpoints, points plus and the original ww points.

The formulas that have been used to calculate points, pointsplus & smartpoints values are not actual weight watchers formulas. The values listed on the site may differ from the actual weight watchers points, pointsplus & smartpoints values. In order to calculate the actual values you will need a smartpoints calculator purchased through a weight watchers meeting or weight watchers online.

  weight watchers freestyle points, pointsplus and smartpoints values for the entire taco bell menu are listed below. To view the full nutrition facts as well as weight watchers points, simply tapclick any menu item.

Here you will find the weight watchers smart points for taco bell. So if you are craving their food, then check out this page before you order. You can also find the points plus and original points values for this restaurant. The smart points are shown in the first column followed by the plus numbers and lastly the original numbers.

Taco bueno click here for palm download - isilo format for palm os - click here for info on isilo. Click here for html download - html file for pocket pc, smartphones & view offline. Lighter alternatives crispy tacos chicken taco (140 cal7 g fat) 3. 5 beef party taco (143 cal10 g fat) 4 beef taco (200 cal14 g fat) 5.

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Taco bueno weight watchers points

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