Sunsuper lifecycle investment strategy

Sunsuper lifecycle investment strategy

Choose our default option - the lifecycle investment strategy. When reading the objectives andor risks you should also read the important information about risks of sunsupers investment options and important information about expected returns in the sunsuper for life investment guide. The objectives are set by sunsuper for monitoring our ongoing investment performance.

Lifecycle investment strategy (1 option) the lifecycle investment strategy is designed for members who want to generate wealth over the long term, and gradually transition to lower-risk investments as they approach age 65.

The lifecycle investment strategy (super-savings accounts only) growth balanced socially conscious balanced diversified alternatives retirement conservative index (passively managed) balanced index single asset class options actively managed shares australian shares property diversified bonds cash index (passively managed) australian shares index.

Lifecycle investment strategy (default option) your investment options choose your own investment strategy. Sunsuper is one of australias most highly rated and awarded super funds, including being named superratings 2020 fund of the year. As well, weve consistently been recognised by a number of leading ratings agencies for our innovation, integrity, member services and more.

Lifecycle investment strategy (default option) your investment options choose your own investment strategy investment performance. Compare performance unit price graph investment reports responsible investing. Socially conscious balanced option responsible investment report market update.

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Sunsuper lifecycle investment strategy

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