Subway ugly veggie rescue

Subway ugly veggie rescue

Subway is encouraging people to adopt an ugly veggie in a campaign designed to address food waste. The campaign, a tie-up with the hunger relief organization feeding america, centers on a.

  through this partnership with feeding america, the goal is to make more people aware and hopefully spark a permanent change. Through the ugly veggie rescue, anyone can adopt one of these 13 ugly veggies.

With each adorable, yet objectively ugly veggie adopted, a donation will be made to feeding america to provide fresh vegetables for local food banks and pantries.

  subway is partnering with feeding america to help get fresh produce to families in need through the ugly veggie rescue campaign. From now through october 18, 2019 we can all donate as little as a dollar to adopt one of 13 ugly - but kind of adorable - vegetables. For each donation made, subway will match each donation through october 18.

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Subway ugly veggie rescue

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