Subsidized married housing rexburg

Subsidized married housing rexburg

Use the filtering option down below to find the right community and married housing in rexburg, idaho according to your necessities. Note if there is no information provided in the table for a specific category for a specific complex floorplan, that means we were unable to find any information about that configuration.

  if your spouse works the same hours at the same rate, you will still averagely spend 66 of your combined unadjusted income on rent. If you struggle or know you will struggle to pay your bills every month, you may qualify for low-income housing, which is subsidized for your unique financial needs.

Village community gardens - subsidized, low-rent apartment (for elderly) location rexburg, id - 83440 contact phone (208) 356-6062 details amenities refrigerators and electric ranges community room laundry facility on each floor elevator day rooms.

Rexburg community and married housing can get complicated! With long wait lists and unknown capacity limits, we decided to consolidate them into one place for your easy-to-use access. Click the button below to find out all the options available.

Set up on the base of the rolling foothills and beautiful country scenery, our apartments in rexburg, idaho are made for comfort and relaxation, yet offer an upscale atmosphere combined with modern amenities. Eden apartments offer several floor plan options that feature style and contemporary architecture in one and two bedroom apartment homes.

We are the closest byu-i married housing in rexburg, located directly across the street from the byu-idaho campus.

  married housing is categorized as community housing and can be found on the community housing page on the byu-i website. The page shows available community housing complexes for married couples, including regular housing and subsidized housing in rexburg, st. Subsidized housing is for those in need of economic assistance.

There are 390 rent subsidized apartments that do not provide direct rental assistance but remain affordable to low income households in rexburg. Housing choice vouchers in rexburg, idaho on average, section 8 housing choice vouchers pay rexburg landlords 500 per month towards rent.

The newest community housing complex has almost finished construction and will be ready for you to move in. Enjoy maximum comfort by choosing a hassle-free residence right in the heart of rexburg. With restaurants and shops of hemming village, youll live in style locally. Stop by or call to tour and learn more about the newest housing that awaits our residents.

Affordable rexburg apartments come home to the most unique housing community in rexburg.

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Subsidized married housing rexburg

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