Standard bank webtrader reviews

Standard bank webtrader reviews

  the standard bank online webtrader portal is a great concept. There are some youtube tutorials but most if not all are for seasoned finance individuals and do not cater for new commers.

  one of the awkward processes with standard bank webtrader is that when you want to withdraw funds you, need to make a request to them either by phone call or email. Their call centre is not working during the lockdown so we are limited to emails which they are not answering, probably due to high work volumes.

South africa 0860 121 555 international 27 11 415 6555 email securitiesstandardbank.

Join our international team at standard bank and you could move your career forward from the start.

What is the new webtrader? Fast and simple designed to be fast and as easy-to-use as possible, the new platform is a web-based platform that can be used from any html5-compatible web browser, from any device.

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The following interest rates apply to funds deposited with standard bank as of the interest rate earned on positive net free equity (only usd cash balance) is at the ruling effective federal funds rate less 0. Standard bank webtrader will then deduct a cash handling fee of 0.

Standard bank webtrader is an offshore investing platform that gives you access to 30 exchanges across 17 countries. You have access to currencies, precious metals, shares, etfs and many other diverse trading and investment products.

Although your concerns below are certainly important, we at standard bank webtrader are unable to advise with regards to the transfer costs to and from the account. These swift fees and spreads on the exchange rate would need to be discussed with the branchbank concerned. Alternatively you may contact the international banking help desk on.

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Standard bank webtrader reviews

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Standard bank webtrader reviews

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