Spalding nba hercules portable basketball system 50 acrylic backboard

Spalding nba hercules portable basketball system 50 acrylic backboard

This itemspalding nba hercules portable basketball system - 50 acrylic backboard 319.

Portable basketball systems test the athletes endurance by giving a place to play wherever theres a desire to shoot. The hercules portable basketball system offers the maximum fill capacity for strength and support during recreational play.

The spalding hercules acrylic portable basketball system gives you a place to play wherever theres a desire to shoot. The hercules base can be filled with 37 gallons of water for stability, and its equipped with wheels in case someone parks their car right under the rim.

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The 50 backboard comes with a board pad and a steel breakaway rim. Spalding hercules acrylic portable basketball system, 50-in (18) 4.

M79241 54 acrylic backboard and rim combo basketball hoop item no. M7900942 dont want to wait for shipping? Find in-store with the store locator facebook twitter email pinterest description turn your driveway into your own personal basketball court.

The spalding 66355 features a 50 steel framed acrylic backboard with authentic style board pads. The system features a 2-wheel, 34-gallon base that can be filled with sand or water to provide maximum stability and safety. The front cover of the system also acts as a rebounder during play.

Download your spalding basketball system user manual - for australian basketball systems. Important - if you need help identifying your system model then you can do so easily by locating the 2-digit number on the base of your system followed by the 3-digit number on the board.

This portable hoop system turns an empty space in your driveway into your own perso.

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Spalding nba hercules portable basketball system 50 acrylic backboard

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Spalding nba hercules portable basketball system 50 acrylic backboard
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