Softex form meaning

Softex form meaning

Cd or dvd or magnetic on physical form are covered by the above two forms. In case of any other type of software export, softex form must be filed by the exporter after the actual export of software has taken place.

Softex forms are to be filed with stpi to regulate inward outward remittance by reserve bank under export of goods in non-physical form, either domestic or offshore. The products includes computer software, export of video and tv software and all other types of software products and packages which are falling under goods of non physical form.

  as per regulation 3 (1) of the foreign exchange management (export of goods and services) regulations, 2000, the softex declaration form has to be filed for export of software other than in physical form i.

The only policy point difference between grpp or edf form and softex form is that grpp forms are submitted and valued, simultaneous to the exports actually happening from port of shipment. Whereas, softex form is a post-facto approval, after the actual export of software has actually taken place.

Edf is the prescribed form to declare the value of exported goods while softex is the prescribed form to declare the software exports.

9 october 25, 2001 , export of goods of services - certification of softex form and reply of your answer is -.

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Softex form meaning

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