Smb futures review

Smb futures review

Meritt black smb capital futures based on feedback from mb, i have decided to remove the majority of my original review.

  how to pass any funded trader program evaluation - risk management strategyhttpswww. Comwatch?vxx4kbdslz2cmy recommended funded trader program f.

  the smb foundation is smbs most comprehensive training course. The course teaches a broad range of skills to become a day trader of equities, like trading fundamentals, trade execution, finding stocks in play, reading the tape, reading charts, and trading psychology. The course can be taken online or in-house, at the smb capital headquarters.

It was written by a person who failed at investment banking and then began to harass smb capital online. The reason there are no details in the review is because dj who wrote the review never worked for smb. We have an extensive recruiting process and we encourage you to apply to the firm if your passion is trading.

Anybody can you please leave a review of the smb futures courses for beginners and the market profile one too.

From what i see on their page, the tryout is for 325 a month, and looks like it is their main recruiting tool for futures division. Apparently after passing you can even earn a seat on their trading floor if you live nearby.

But now their focus has changed, instead of trading like they did before, their focus is now on selling their smb course, instead of applying like you did before for a prop spot, now they will lure you in by several fake interviews which will all end in them asking you to take their courses 5-10k each and then they will decide wether to hire you or not, perfect way to sell a lot of courses.

Smb capital is a proprietary trading desk located in new york city that started smb training to assist developing traders to be consistently profitable by following setups they have developed that have an edge in the markets. Smbs partners include two very successful and experienced traders with over 30 plus years of experience collectively.

It offers training in automated trading and trading equities, options, and futures. Smb training programs include smb foundation which is a five-week extensive training program including written lectures, trading videos, trading drills, mentoring, quizzes, classroom lectures, and smb trading tools.

Smb capital, our pnl proprietary trading desk in nyc, is recognized for its success in developing new traders from beginner to consistently profitable and then high performing trader. We built a pnl trading desk, smb capital, by focusing on training new traders. Then we created smbu, our education arm, which offers the same trader training in.

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Smb futures review

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