Smartphone rental in israel

Smartphone rental in israel

Smart phone rental in israel - get a ready-to-use smartphone with an unlimited sim card plan. Get an android smartphone with access to all google apps, news, e-mail, gps, games, facebook, twitter and everything you need while traveling in israel.

Buying an israeli sim card (local sim) or renting a phone in israel can be a cost effective and efficient way to stay connected when travelling in israel, save expensive roaming charges, and ensure you have a constant stream of internet wherever you are. Available with delivery to your hotel, rental apartment, or meeting one of our representatives.

Cell phone rental in israel along with a local number from your country or city. Provide your relatives, friends, and colleagues with a number from your countrycity to reach you while you are in israel. They can stay connected with you by making a local phone call only. Reserve early, and your local number will be available to share with others.

Rent a cell phone sim card in israel new samsung e1200 with unlimited calls & sms worldwide.

Travelcell is the place to rent a cell phone, gps, blackberry, ipad, iphone, android or laptop aircard for your trip to israel.

52 tft screen samsung e1200 cell phone, with unlimited calls and sms messages in israel and worldwide. The phone is extremely easy to operate, and allows you to talk for up to 520 minutes before the next battery charge.

From what i just researched (to refresh my memory), israel uses gsm 900 for talk and text, and iirc hsdpa 2100 for 3g. Just remember to switch your phone to gsm only once (or before) you get to israel. Your best value is to get an orange big talk pre-paid sim card from israel post office well before you leave.

Froride, a leading mobile service in israel is offering a sim card rental service for people looking to travel to israel for any of any reason, be it business, pleasure or education.

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Smartphone rental in israel

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Smartphone rental in israel

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