Size of balikbayan box for check in

Size of balikbayan box for check in

The balikbayan boxes come in various sizes (small, medium, large and jumbo) depending on your preference and budget.

  this time im bringing two balikbayan boxes instead of my heavier luggage. Reading up on the philippine airlines website were restricted to 107 for total dimensions.

  they come in many sizes, depending on your budget and preference from small (approx. Most companies shipping to the philippines dont have any weight restrictions on the balikbayan boxes. Depending on the size of the box, some of them advise not to exceed 70 kg.).

When the balikbayan boxes unaccompanied baggage arrive in the philippines, the local consolidatorforwardercourier files the corresponding import entry and other documents with the bureau of customs. The bureau of customs examines and assesses the customs duties and taxes due on the consolidated shipment.

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Size of balikbayan box for check in

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