Series 57 study material

Series 57 study material

The securities institute of america currently offers the best all around study guide for the series 57 exam. Thats because they offer a wide range of content spread across multiple formats. Each course option is based on both what type of content you like and how much help you need.

The go to guide to acing the series 57 exam - our series 57 textbook is designed to guide you through your entire study process and to get you ready to pass, the fisrt time. Ouur series 57 textbook is packed with test tips, series 57 sample questions and all the must know information you need to pass your exam. Our textbook has been developed to ensure you have the absolute best series 57 material.

Series 57 2 purpose of the exam the series 57 exam is designed to assess the competency of entry-level securities traders. The series 57 exam seeks to measure the degree to which each candidate possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform the critical functions of a securities trader.

  so i bought stcs series 57 top-off premier package that included the three products that i was looking for i.

  a series 57 license allows brokers to trade equities and convertible debt securities in the u. This test covers topics like equity trading concepts and regulations around the financial services industry. Its administered by the financial industry regulatory authority (finra).

For independent learners, featuring a series 57 study guide for final review. Best if you already know series 57, and only require practice quizzes with feedback and exam questions for deeper comprehension.

The series 57 exam the securities trader representative exam assesses the competency of an entry-level registered representative to perform their job as a securities trader representative.

  finra recently announced that it plans to file a proposed rule change with the sec to replace the equity trader limited representative exam (series 55) with a new exam to be called the securities trader qualification exam (series 57). Finra will file this proposed rule change in conjunction with the national securities exchanges proposed rule changes to similarly replace the proprietary trader qualification exam (series 56) with the securities trader qualification exam (series 57.).

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Series 57 study material

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