Secureship ca reviews

Secureship ca reviews

Ca) total lack of service! Secureship has horrible business practices.

Secureship reviews and testimonials hear what others are saying about us.

Secureship has reduced our costs and saved us a great deal of time. We no longer have to visit multiple websites to compare costs and everything is tracked from one location.

  my stinson to california was orginally based on a weight estimate then when i entered the dimensions the cost tripled! I am on the same coast but in canada and it says its going to cost me 90 clams to ship. So i went online and seen this secureship website where you just enter some info and you can get a cheaper shipping deal.

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Thanks for the 5 star review mike! We appreciate all of our customers, hear what they have to say about our service httpsbit.

Once you have selected the best options for your shipment, print your documents and schedule a pick up for your package - your shipment will be picked up by the courier you selected for your shipment. Once your package is ready for shipment you can easily schedule a pickup.

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Secureship ca reviews

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