Scottish widows retirement account funds

Scottish widows retirement account funds

You can take some or all of your retirement account as a cash sum. We call this a pension encashment and its also known as an ufpls (uncrystallised funds pension lump sum). Up tp 25 of the amount you take will be tax-free, and the rest will be taxable. If you take only some of your retirement account, currently you must take at least 5,000.

No charge for drawdown - making it clear for clients that retirement account can be a plan for life. Family pricing option - can result in your clients and their families potentially receiving a lower service charge than they would individually.

Our retirement portfolios build on scottish widows well-founded reputation for multi-asset investing and strategic asset allocation experience.

Scottish widows pensions fund range (pdf) retirement account fund supermarket (pdf) swis and clerical medical life funds (pdf) scottish widows life funds (closed) (pdf).

Scottish widows is committed to maintaining a broad range of high quality, innovative and cost-effective investment solutions for our customers.

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Scottish widows retirement account funds

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