Samsung galaxy s9 developer options

Samsung galaxy s9 developer options

  how to enable developer options on samsung galaxy s9 open the app menu, and then tap on settings.

  enable developer options to get started, go to the settings page of your s9 or s9, then scroll down and select about phone.

First of all, unlock samsung galaxy s9 and open the main menu to select settings. After that, choose software information in order to easily activate developer features. Now, tap a couple of times on the build number to enable developer options.

If want to know how to find hidden functions in samsung galaxy s9?by using this tutorial you can unlock samsung developer settings. Read below how to enable developer options and use secret options of android 10.

  6 steps to enable developer options on galaxy s9 & s9 plus. Step 1 first of all, you need to open the app menu, and then you should tap on settings. Step 2 now scroll to locate about phone tap on it and then tap software information to continue the process.

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Samsung galaxy s9 developer options

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Samsung galaxy s9 developer options
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