Rx 470 power consumption mining

Rx 470 power consumption mining

57 mhs hashrate and 70 w power consumption for mining eth (ethash) earning around 3. Find out more hashrate, consumption, difficulty, and profitability for mining 317 different coins on 112 algorithms.

Sapphire rx 470 p on the video card sapphire rx 470 mining will be as productive as possible. Even with standard parameters, the rx 470 sapphire in mining demonstrates a high hash rate.

  power consumption page 1 asus strix rx 470 page 2 how we tested page 3 ashes, battlefield 4 & doom page 4 gta v, hitman, metro & project cars page 5.

  in this video we purchased a kill a watt meter to determine how much power our entire rig is using.

My miner is runnig for a few days and today i checkt the power consumption with a special device. Why is the consumption this high and how kan i fix it ? Rig 2x msi radeon rx 470 8g.

According to one piece of amd rx 470 with the power consumption of 120w, we highly recommend you to adopt a 80 plus platinum certified 1200w power supply to totally make sure that a power supply will achieve at least 80 efficiency for the power output and stably offer sufficient power to.

The sapphire radeon rx 470 provides hashrate of 24 mhashs for scrypt at coreclock 1143 while consuming 150 watts.

Rx 470 vs rx 480 hashrate power consumption purchase cost comparison. Now that the rx 470 is out is it to be preferred over the rx 480. Comparison metrics are hash rate, power consumption, purchase cost, driver stability and availability.

  its worth noting that the new rx 470 seemed to be more power efficient while achieving a higher hash rate.

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Rx 470 power consumption mining

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