Rockstar launcher fps counter

Rockstar launcher fps counter

  you can get the steam fps counter in rdr2 if you press add a game in the bottom left corner of steam, and then add the game through add a non-steam game.

  fps from game bar provides the most accurate since its directly based on computer performance. Not to mention that you dont need third-party software since it bundled with windows 10.

Games games details like other users have already stated, there is no fps counter in the rockstar launcher. However you can get the steam fps counter in rdr2 if you press add a game in the bottom left corner of steam, and then add the game through add a non-steam game.

  hey guys, im back with another tutorial teaching you guys on how to enable fps in any game or launcher.

After doing that, in the settings you will find the option to switch the fps counter on.

  change launch options - through rockstar games launcher, find red dead redemption 2 and open launch arguments. On epic games store, go to settingsmanage games then additional command line arguments.

It opens the xbox game bar where you can set a widget which has a fps counter.

Red dead redemption 2 for pc is available now on the rockstar games launcher.

Specifically exactly copy paste the contents of rockstar shortcut. I have the same problem, has added the above shortcut, overlay is not working anyway. I also tried using the fps-counter that steam has, apparantly it shows up in the launcher window and not rdr2 itself.

  if you dont use steam or nividias geforce experienceand your game doesnt have a built-in fps counter optionyou can give fraps a try. Install it, launch it, and click the fps tab to access the overlay settings. The fps counter is enabled by default and pressing f12 will bring it up in the upper left corner of your screen.

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Rockstar launcher fps counter

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