Robert kuok interview

Robert kuok interview

  robert kuok (sugar king of asia & hotel king) interview with cctv dialogue - chinese business leaders series (1st broadcast) on 5th jun 2011.

  robert kuok interview (with english subtitle) - duration 5711.

  if i get more than 50000 views or 1000 likes, i might consider translating other parts of the video.

  rarely interviewed, stubbornly shunning publicity (the chinese have a saying, kuok explains, tall trees experience strong winds), robert kuok was at first reluctant, but finally agreed to talk with forbes. When he did, he opened up and gave us remarkable insight into a remarkable mind and a remarkable career. Our photographs of him are among the very few in public hands.

Surprisingly though, kuok did an interview a few years ago with dialogue, and shared some juicy bits of his life journey and business tips with the audience. The interview was done in mandarin, but weve translated it and compiled some of the inspiring facts and nuggets of wisdom for you guys.

An interesting reply from robert kuok in the star interview below. Asked about the sense of discrimination among the chinese in malaysia, kuok demurred, saying this will lead only to highly controversial statements, which is not good for anybody.

  kuok started his career as a businessman trading rice, sugar and wheat flour in 1949. Besides rice and wheat, he thought that sugar was also an important commodity. He once shared in an interview that even toddlers aged one or two years old know how to appreciate sugar and it is one way for parents to calm their childrens tantrums.

  guitless founder yen kuok talks about vision and passion for fashion.

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Robert kuok interview

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