Rob massey deloitte

Rob massey deloitte

Rob massey partner deloitte tax llp global & us tax blockchain & digital assets leader.

Rob massey has 20 years of professional experience in tax consulting for technology companies including search, saas, and gaming with an expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tokenization. He serves companies throughout the blockchain ecosystem inclusive of miners, specialty chip design and manufacturing, services.

Rob massey partner deloitte tax llp global & us tax blockchain & digital assets leader.

Rob massey dedicated to serving the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem with a focus on taxation.

Deloitte shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this presentation. Contacts tim davis risk & financial advisory global center of excellence for blockchain assurance leader deloitte & touche llp timdavisdeloitte. Com rob massey global & us tax blockchain and digital assets leader deloitte tax llp rmasseydeloitte.

Rob massey leads deloittes blockchain efforts in tax for the global firm. He has 20 years of professional experience in tax consulting for technology companies, with expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tokenization. Massey serves companies throughout the blockchain ecosystem, including miners, specialty chip design and manufacturing, payment processing, wallet hosting, exchanges.

Rob massey i look after the tax practice of deloitte as it pertains to digital assets. Digital assets and blockchain have been in the space for going on eight years. So we work by analogy and work across many clients to develop paths forward as companies.

  emerging disruptors are facing big company challenges at an early stage, says rob massey, deloitte tax llp partner and deloitte tax leader for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Their innovations can quickly grab the attention of a market and a large user base, putting strain on their technology infrastructure and business processes.

  rob massey, partner global tax leader blockchain and digital assets rob massey has over 20 years of professional experience in tax consulting for technology companies. Since 2013, he has focused on blockchain, digital assets, cryptocurrency and tokenization. He serves companies throughout the blockchain ecosystem inclusive of investors, miners, staking providers, payment processing, wallet.

  rob massey says, weve taken this concept thats really bold and different and hard to get a handle on, and weve invested a lot of time and money in it because we see the benefits for our people. Weve taken a very innovative, long-term view of what deloittes culture can be and how we get the best from every person. As an owner watching that investment, it makes me very proud.

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Rob massey deloitte

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