Ria custodian minimums

Ria custodian minimums

There are many different advisory firms, and not all ria custodians are the right fit for every type of practice. In addition, some traditional investment adviser custodians have minimum asset requirements for new firms.

  and in fact, ssg is still one of the only ria custodians that does not have an asset minimum to get onto their platform (especially appealing for startup rias), as contrasted with all the big four that usually have somewhere around a 10 to 20 million aum minimum at any given time to get on their platform, unless you have some special circumstance where basically you can prove youre very.

But when you go to start the ria, again, theres no minimum that says you have to have a minimum of 10 million or 50 million or 100 million.

Asset custodians are the central players in the ria business and choosing one is the biggest decision most financial advisors will make to build their business.

  minimums in many ways the custodian holds the keys to the front door of firm ownership for aspiring ria entrepreneurs.

Attest that the custodian will send at least quarterly statements to the client most custodians understand their responsibility to send statements at least quarterly, so this is rarely an issue for ria firms. Make sure that the client will prove written authorization to the firm this can be completed in numerous ways.

  as a custodian ourselves weve seen how rias can be best set up for success and avoid pitfalls. The right provider can provide efficiency, improved productivity and peace of mind.

As an ria, you generally can establish on your own what you want your minimum account size to be. The flexibility achieved from running your own ria, particularly with respect to the various fees structures you can implement, can make accommodating smaller account sizes perhaps more feasible than under your current affiliation model.

  advisors who failed to meet this minimum were assessed a fee of around 1,200 as i recall.

In an ever-evolving financial advice landscape, td ameritrade institutional is dedicated to supporting rias who are determined to grow, thrive, and make their clients lives better. Youre in this business because you want to do whats best for each person you serve. And were in it to serve you with creative innovation, dedicated service, and.

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Ria custodian minimums

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