Reset security questions axis bank

Reset security questions axis bank

You can reset the security questions through the following modes a. Internet banking (using your usual device) - reset adaptive question online with debit card credentials.

Please follow process given below to reset question at any axis bank atm 1. Select registration menu on the right side of the atm screen. Enter the mobile number for verification re-enter the mobile number. You will get a success message that your security answers have been reset.

This is a security feature built in by the bank for all customers registered for netsecure with sms. At the time of registering for internet banking, you can set answers to any 3 questions of your choice as a onetime exercise.

You can reset your questions through usual device in 3 simple steps step 1 login to internet banking and go to my profile section where your login id is shown.

  how to reset bank of baroda security questions answer forgot security questions answer - duration 353.

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Yes, you can block your credit card using axis mobile in case you have lost your credit card. Your card will be blocked immediately and replacement request of your credit card will be submitted.

Twitter is the new way to bank with us! You can now recharge your mobile, data card and dth, view account balance and last 3 transaction details on twitter. Banking on twitter is a safe and secured way to bank incorporating two-factor authentication for both registration and transactions.

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Reset security questions axis bank

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Reset security questions axis bank
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