Prorealtime programming guide

Prorealtime programming guide

The guides below have been designed to be easily understandable, even by people with no programming experience.

Prorealtime programming language documentation dedicated to the probuilder language terms and functions to help you create technical indicators, trading systems and market scanning programs. All terms and functions are referenced in the below categories and shortly explained.

Programming guide - market scans (proscreener) this section shows how to create, backtest and optimize an example trading system without doing any programming. First, click on the button in the upper-right of a chart, then go to the tab probacktest & automatic trading and click new.

It allows you to create personalized technical indicators, trading strategies (probacktest) or screening programs (proscreener). A specific manual exists for probacktest and proscreener due to some specifics of each of these modules. Probuilder is a basic-type programming language, very easy to handle and exhaustive in terms of available.

Programming guide - indicators & basic functions (probuilder) programming guide - trading systems (probacktest & proorder) programming guide - market scans (proscreener) this section lets you download codes for your prorealtime platform.

A detailed description of the commands available is included in the proscreener programming guide. Even if you have never written code, we suggest you use the creation by programming window to improve market scans created with the proscreener wizard. We are going to show you some examples of modifications that you will be able to do by yourself without being an expert programmer.

Getting started with prorealtime in just 15 minutes this video shows an example of how to create different workspaces for analyzing different instruments, place trades and analyze the market. This section includes a quick overview of the most important features in the platform.

Trading system programming uses the probuilder programming language that is also used to write indicators in prorealtime with additional instructions that apply only to programming trading systems.

View the programming manual - the red area allows you to type the program of the new indicator. Note that you can click on button in order to make the functions list appear that allows you to select and use all probuilder functions. Note that your existing indicators may be used as functions within your new indicator.

Open the sub-folder of the version of prorealtime you just installed (either prorealtime or prorealtimetrading or igprorealtime).

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Prorealtime programming guide

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