Peter cruddas net worth

Peter cruddas net worth

3b as of 3112 peter cruddas founded cmc markets, a london-based online financial retailer, and serves as ceo.

  peter cruddas net worth peter cruddas is an english businessman and banker who has a net worth of 1. Peter cruddas has accumulated his wealth as the founder of cmc markets, a.

In december 2007 peter sold ten per cent of cmc markets to goldmans sachs that valued the company in excess of 1. Peter and his family still own in excess of 88 per cent of the company. In the 2007 sunday times rich list, he was named the richest man in the city of london, with an estimated fortune of 860 million.

Peter cruddas is an english banker, businessman, and philanthropist who has an estimated net worth of 2 billion as of march 2012 according to forbes magazine where he is 960 in the world billionaires list. Born peter andrew cruddas on september 30, 1953 in hackney, london, he was a dropout of shoreditch comprehensive at the age of 15.

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Peter cruddas is an english banker, businessman, and philanthropist who has an estimated net worth of 2 billion as of march 2012 according to forbes magazine where he is 960 in the world billionaires list. Born peter andrew cruddas on september 30, 1953 in hackney, london, he was a dropout of shoreditch comprehensive at the age of 15.

Peter cruddas was born on september 30, 1953 in united kingdom. Peter cruddas founded cmc markets, a london-based online financial retailer, and serves as ceo. He dropped out of the shoreditch school at age 15 and started his business a few years later with 16,000 in savings. Over the years he expanded the company and sold a 10 stake to goldman sachs in 2007.

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Peter cruddas net worth

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