Persona 5 romance consequences

Persona 5 romance consequences

  go back to p3? P5 has more romance options than any other persona game. An upgrade from 3 to 4 was allowing you to date anyone at any time.

  persona 5 valentines day consequences for dating everyone (english) - youtube. Kedp 2013 narrative value paultothewall youtube15 fredmeyer xqmf3593000h.

I really want to see mostall of the romance routes, but im worried that multiple romances will screw up the ending dialogues with the girls before you leave in march (confidant gifts). Im also worried that it will mess with any of the social links and in any way prevent me from getting the platinum.

Atlus made the mistake of not having an ending that takes into account your specific romance. Also despite the valentines day scene, all the girls you romance show up at the end, the same way only one person would have showed up if you only dated a single person. The ending of the game is the same whether you date one girl or two.

  but it also means theres really no consequence whatsoever to cheating on the girls and pursuing multiple romances. (youll hear rumors alluding to a lost item that youll get on a holiday. ) you can still spend the major holiday events with your girl of choice (youve wisely chosen makoto.).

  one of the first characters you really get to know in persona 5, its quite easy to romance ann. When youve got her social link, youll find her in the underground mall in shibuya. Simply keep hanging out with her, and raise the social link to level 9. Youll need to be at least rank 2 in kindness to continue with it, but when you have that, the option will be very obvious.

You would need to play through the game about nine times to get through every romance scenario.

In royal if you romance one person, then after valentines day there will be another event called white day where you go on another date with that person, which isnt possible if you cheat.

One option will cement you as friends, while the other will put you through a few questions to ensure romance. If you choose the romance option, two more options will appear, one cementing romance, the other cementing friendship.

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Persona 5 romance consequences

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