Overwatch show health bars

Overwatch show health bars

Wondering why you cant see how much health your ally has when youre playing a healer? Well, this video will fix that problem by showing you how to turn on.

Controls on the top bar of the options menu select soldier 76 from the all heroes dropdown menu the option is labelled allied health bars.

Ive been thinking this for a while but overwatch league has really shown me how much greener the grass can be. There is nothing worse than not being able to see a teammates health because theyre health bar is on a white surface. On some maps it can practically make it invisible, such as watchpoint gibraltar httpsi.

How to show teammate health bars? Unflaired this might be a stupid question, but i made hammond a support and im wondering how i can make it so he can actively see the health bars of teammates.

Am i missing a setting or something? Edit turning off kill cams seems to work for some, but not all httpswww.

With the season 2 update hitting live servers, you can now go to your control options and scroll down to toggle allied health bars to show your teams health for every hero you play. Being able to see your teammates health improves awareness and team coordination by a ton.

  with the new patch out, you can go to options - controls - and turn on allied health bars for everyone.

Ehhhhh in the middle of a fight id rather just see the bar above their head instead of having to look at a part of my screen then compare the hero icon to who is around me and where etc.

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Overwatch show health bars

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