Optionshouse international account

Optionshouse international account

  optionshouse is an online broker with fairly straight forward commission offerings. Stock trades - optionshouses flat rate stock trade commissions of 4.

Optionshouse have an international presence in multiple countries. Any payments funded to optionshouse accounts by traders are held in a segregated bank account.

Optionshouse allows you to open an account if you are a citizen or permanent resident of certain countries, or a us expatriate residing in such countries. Those countries include china, germany, hong kong, india, singapore, taiwan and the united kingdom.

It permits you to open an account if you are a permanent resident or citizen of certain nations, or a us expatriate exist in in such countries. Those nations include germany, china, india, hong kong, australia, singapore, the united kingdom and taiwan.

Optionshouse, created by peak6 and now owned by etrade, offers a number of affordable, easy-to-use trading options for its online investors. In this optionshouse review, we outline exactly what makes it one of the more reputable alternatives out there for traders.

Optionshouse has always been known for its low pricing and reduced fees, which caused quite a lot of discomfort to rival brokerages when it first launched by peak6 more than 10 years ago. This was music to traders ears, of course, who flocked to optionshouse for the low commissions, lack of maintenance fees, and the fact that no minimum balance wasis required to open new accounts.

  when it comes to picking a broker, its about more than just the cost of a trade. Heres how interactive brokers and optionshouse compare on minimum account sizes, international stock trading.

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Optionshouse international account

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