New vegas i could make you care

New vegas i could make you care

I could make you care is a companion quest in fallout new vegas.

All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos news guides reviews fallout new vegas general discussions topic details. Jul 2, 2015 1052pm trouble with i could make you care quest ive been trying to start this quest but have had some trouble.

  in this episode we finish off the brotherhood of steel quest line. We also do veronicas companion quest, i could make you care at the same time, and it sa.

Dont worry, no one blames you if you cheat your way through the bugs. But if you say you used pearls key on the hardest locker in the armory and still didnt find the gun, i assume you might have forgotten to also take a note from where the same key is, that probably notifies of the guns existence.

  options chosen search for euclids c finder but divert power to all of vegas, vault 22 but chosen to keep data by persuading keely.

I could make you care veronica does not talk to the intercom edit source hello, after visiting mccarran, the mormon camp and the boomers, the quest i could make you care started. But when i bring veronica to the hidden valley bunker and the intercom, she does not speak to ramos and the door does not open.

I need to reset if i could make you care - posted in new vegas spoilers i goofed in doing the quest for veronica, if i could make you care.

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New vegas i could make you care

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