Neo mining pool

Neo mining pool

Quick and dirty easiest method is to trade eth for neo on binance.

However, gas is distributed to the neo token holder if they have neo tokens in the wallet. Proof-of-work (pow) the proof-of-work systemprotocol which is used by neo, was first used in the mid-1990s for fighting spam emails. The idea never found a truly useful cause until 2009 when bitcoin was created.

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Please consider mining in other pools to help decentralization ! Multi-coin.

Neo is an open-source, community driven platform that is leveraging the intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology to realize the optimized digital world of the future.

A mining pool is a place where more miners combine their computer resources in order to increase profitability. When more computers are combined, the probability of finding a block is much higher. When a block is found, the reward is split and distributed to all participants based on the computer resources they have provided to mine it.

  neo is the cryptocurrency that powers neo, which is a smart contract platform similar to ethereum. Like ethereum, neo wants to enable a blockchain economy that can support various use cases like decentralized finance, decentralized crowdfunding, and secure digital identity management. The appeal of neo, though, is that it has roots in china, the worlds most populous country.

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Neo mining pool

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Neo mining pool
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