Neo cryptocurrency wiki

Neo cryptocurrency wiki

  neo is a smart asset platform and the first blockchain project with open source code in china. Neo coin supports all types of crypto wallets and it is traded on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including bitfinex, bittrex, hitbtc, cryptopia.

Neo, formerly antshares, is a next generation smart-economy (based on smart contracts) platform. Neo is positioned as a public cloud and is part of a much bigger strategy by the chinese government in establishing pre-eminence as a blockchain-platform industry leader. They want developers, in general, to use their tools and platform and develop the ecosystem.

Neo (neo) is a platform and cryptocurrency used to build a network of decentralized applications. The base asset is the non-divisible neo token which generates gas tokens. Those are used to pay for transaction fees generated by applications on the network.

The neoscrypt algorithm is not as widespread as, for example, sha-256 or scrypt, but it has several quite popular currencies built on it, for example gobyte. This cryptocurrency is one of the main cryptocurrencies, which are based on the algorithm neoscrypt.

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Neo cryptocurrency wiki

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