Nemo chogori 2 review

Nemo chogori 2 review

  we put nemos two-person chogori to the test through harsh winds and snow along the shoulders of mount rainier and mount baker for this review.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for nemo chogori 2p mountaineering tent at amazon.

  this four-season tent delivers the first big innovation in mountaineering tents in decades. The integrated fly and external pole structure allows for set-up in half the time, a valuable time savings in extreme weather. This innovation also trims weight by 25, while maintaining category-leading ventilation, vestibule space, and guy-out options.

With a lightweight, integrated fly system, the chogori 2 is made for a super quick set-up for near immediate shelter when the weather turns sour. Thanks to the nemo chogori 2s external pole structure, you can set up the tent fully from the outside, helping to keep things dry in heavy rain and snow.

The chogori 2 person backpacking tent is designed with an integrated fly and external pole structure that allows for set-up in half the time, a valuable time savings in extreme weather.

Nemo, a small new england company, has now added an innovative tent design that fills the gap between expedition tents and lightweight mountaineering tents. The three-person chogori mountaineering tent is a blend of old-school expedition tent structure with new-school materials and cut-the-corner subtractions to save weight.

Sean sewell of engearment goes over all the improvements for this tent.

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Nemo chogori 2 review

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