Mt4 orders not working

Mt4 orders not working

Mt4 new order not working published by admin on september 16, 2020 september 16, 2020. When the mt4 order isnt working, there are a few ways to work out what is going wrong and how to fix it. New order button grey (no colour) if your new order button up the top of your metatrader platform is grey, then you may be logged out of your account or have an internet connection issue.

  there may be a number of reasons why you are unable to enter your order into mt4. If you dont have enough money, of course you cannot place an order. If you do not have sufficient margin in your account to cover the position you are trying to open. Please note that fxpro also cancels all pending orders in case you dont have enough margin to place the pending order.

There are few reasons why trader unable to place order which are 1. Login by using investor password (for read-only - no activity could be done) 3. Wrong account type - account belong to standard account but trader trying to open lot size less than 1.

  this short video will help you fix your mt4 platform when its not responding.

Hi, i have been over this over and over and cannot see what the problem is. --adjust stops ---------------------------------------------------------------------- void adjuststops () for (int orders orderstotal () -1 orders0 orders--) .

Keep in mind that the price in your mt4 chart is the bid price. So the order will only be triggered when the high in metatrader is 1. Like stop loss orders, take profit orders on sell positions are also triggered when the ask price reaches the order level. The take profit order on the position above will be triggered when the ask price reaches 1.

Hello! Recently my metatrader 4 market tab inside the terminal window stopped working properly. Every market tab (main, favorites, purchased) shows a blank white screen. The same thing goes for all of my platforms running metatrader 4 version 4.

Check the experts tab for error messages at the bottom of the mt4 terminal window. Check the journal tab for error messages at the bottom of the mt4 terminal window.

To open the create order window, you can press f9 on your keyboard, select new order from the ctrader menu or click create new order button from the toolbar. If one-click trading is disabled, clicking the quicktrade buttons will open a create order window as well. In the create order window select symbol, volume and click the sell or buy button below.

Solution try to reconnect your mt4 to broker server and find out the reason for connection problems. It is also convenient to learn how to read the connection status image. Fully red means there is no connection with the selected server.

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Mt4 orders not working

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Mt4 orders not working
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