Mt4 email alerts and gmail

Mt4 email alerts and gmail

Configuring email alerts in metatrader 4 using gmail is very, very easy! Depending on your security settings, you may need to change some options in you gmail account, but usually this is not necessary.

Since we cannot possibly cover settings for all the email providers, we will show how to setup email alerts using a gmail account, since everyone either has a gmail account or is eligible to open one.

It is important to understand that metatrader 4 cannot send an mt4 email alert on its own. The only way your trading platform can do this is through an existing email account. Of course, for this purpose you can use your personal email account. However, that way you may run into complications when configuring the smtp server. Please note that metatrader 4 will not be able to access your gmail.

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Email alerts can be triggered in the same way as sound alerts. These emails can be received on a smartphone such as iphone, android or blackberry. The alert is a signal for us to open our charts and consider whether to open or close a trade. To do this select tools and then options and then click on the email.

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  hey traders, kindly help me on how i can set email alerts from mt4 to my email address.

  mt4 clients sends a signal to your locally installed hmail, which then relays the message off your gmail account,and finally to your destination (email, sms). Note the mail relay service is only 4mb in memory (very light) and i found it faster, and more robust solution.

  configuring email alerts in metatrader 4 using gmail is very, very, easy! Depending on your security settings you may need to change some setting in you gmail account but usually this is not necessary. I am not sure how many people will want this feature, considering the mobile phone notification functionality is more convenient.

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Mt4 email alerts and gmail

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Mt4 email alerts and gmail
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