Mt4 ea multiple orders

Mt4 ea multiple orders

  within the ea you need to wait for the result of the ordersend () function. For my project it is needed to use the ordersend () function without waiting for its result so that multiple orders can be send at the exact same time.

  there are few scripts to open progresive pending orders - httpswww. Comencode10832 it is possible to realize all functionality inside one script or ea(preferable). U have decide, do you want one-timeexecution ( script) or continuous in tje time (ea).

Any mt4 can run multiple eas, but you cannot run them on the same chart. But you can always open new empty chart and attach additional eas in there. Say if you want to run 5 eas on mt4 you simply open 5 empty charts and attach eas one by one to each of them.

I am trying to simultaneously open multiple trades in mql4 with an expertadvisor or script. However when i drag the ea to a chart, it only opens one order, not the the second (or third, fouth, etc) extern double lots 0.

  open multiple trades in your mt4 ea using the multitrade plug-in and the vts eq builder.

As mentioned before, mt4 is unable to manage multiple pending orders concurrently through the graphical interface.

In this article, youll learn more about close all orders and why you must have one. Mql4 close all orders what is it? An mql4 close all orders is a simple script that, once you run, will close all your positions immediately. Its a simple tool, but its usefulness is essential, especially if you run multiple positions.

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Mt4 ea multiple orders

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