Mt4 does orderstotal include pending orders

Mt4 does orderstotal include pending orders

Csv,filewritefilecsv,t) if(handle0) return(0) write header.

  no, orderstotal () return total all opening order (contents pending orders) in terminal (flatform). Ex if you are open 1 buy order at eurusd, and 1 sell order at gbpusd, and 1 sell limit order at usdjpy.

  want to find an alternative to using orderstotal () in mt4. Dont want to use (ordertype opbuy) since it requires use of orderselect. Want a simple one command function to do this that can be used globally in all functions within ea.

  i wonder if it works correctly, and if it does then why e. Orderstotal() would return 10 at the beginning, while indexing of total orders pool strarts by zero, right? The main question is about the expression you use inside the cycle operator for keeping it on task, that is, about iorderstotal().

The main function used to open market or place a pending order.

We have named our order counting function orderstotalmagicopen(). It will return an integer value of how many orders are currently opened on the specified chart symbol matching the magic number that we have passed as a function argument.

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Mt4 does orderstotal include pending orders

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